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click here to watch "Wild Bull Darts Machines with Phill Taylor and Eric Bristow on YouTube".


 On this website you will find general information about Dardos Tournament run by JARANI2003 S.L., what we do and which machines we can install in your bar.

If you would like to find out more about the Darts Leagues that we organize click in the left column on "Wild Bull Darts Leagues" and it will take you to it's website where you can find all sorts of information: results + rankings, darts rules, info about the participating bars, players & teams, results KO Competitions, minutes of the captain's meetings, picture gallery, etc.


We play on the WILD BULL STEEL TIP Electronic Darts Machine. We are well know as the Sunday "FUN" league.


In September 2008 we organized  World's 1st International Electronic Steel Tip Darts Festival in hotel Conquistador in Las Americas.


The machines below are supplied by our company JARANI2003 S.L., click on one of the images for more technical information or go to "Products" in the left column.


Call 696792794 if you want us to come to you to discuss further bussiness.





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